Tata Structura Application

Architectural Industrial

Shopping Malls
Canopies / Atrium
Glass Curtain Wall Frames
Partition Frames
Space Frames
Guard Rails & Staicases

Industrial Sheds
Trusses, Columns and Purlins
Material Storage Racks
Mine Roof Support Systems (cogs, props)
Pipe Racks
Conveyor Gantries, Trestles
Drilling Rigs

Infrastructural General Engineering

Airport Terminal Buildings
Bus Stands
Sign Supporting Stuctures
Pedestrain Walkovers (Footbridge)
Sports Gallery
Railways Platforms / Foot Over Bridges 

Automobile Chassis
Green House Structures
Truck and Bus Body Members
Hoarding Structures
Amusument Park & Playground Equipment
Exhibition Stalls


TATA Structura