TATA Tiscon Cut & Bend Reininforcement Steel

TATA TISCON READYBUILD CUT & BEND TMT will be processed on internationally renowned Schnell Machines from Italy in a wide range of sizes as per commonly accepted customer specifications.

READYBUILD CUT & BEND TMT BARS are utilized in Infrastructure & Housing Projects. The Iron & Steel Industry is witnessing phenomenal growth. The demand for products has been increasing by more than 10% p.a. which is directly proposition to Infrastructure & Housing growth. A detailed market analysis confirms the gap between the supply & demand.

A team of professionals having proven track record from TATA STEEL LTD. are supervising the project.The preliminary activity of the project has been identified, engineering specifications completed, quotations are received, and order from main machineries from Italy has been placed.

The proposed project is the initiative of TATA STEEL LTD., for augmenting the sale and the company has already received consent from TATA STEEL LTD for the proposed TATA TISCON READYBUILD CUT & BEND TMT BARS.

Brand TATA TISCON is not only nationwide acclaimed but also internationally established. The site is well connected by Rail and Road. A right degree of Plant. Automation is blended with manual operation in the proposed manufacturing setup to harness the advantage of low cost skilled manpower available locally. Well-known and experienced promoters acknowledge for innovative business making.


  • While rest of the TMT steel industry was busy meeting the basic demands of the construction industry, TATA TISCON took a step further in understanding the customer?s needs and their conveniences. TATA TISCON came to know that Construction and Infrastructure Sectors have been using the conventional Rebar Cutting & Bending methods for a long time. While doing so they always faced various problems as regards to the Consistency & Accuracy in Quality, Project Completion Time and ultimately and most importantly the Cost of the Construction. There certainly needed to be a solution ??. but none was available in India, though such practices were prevalent from many years in the western world.
  • Construction bars come in a standard length of 40 ft. Every design, every structure is different and hence requires bars of varying sizes and shapes. Most contractors remedy this by cutting and bending the bars at the site itself, using unscientific methods. Not only is this time consuming and labour intensive, it reduces the integral strength of the bar by creating internal stresses and fractures.
  • Recognizing the need for a customized solution, we developed the concept of ready-to-use steel through Cut n Bend bars. These Cut N Bend Bars are extremely popular with quality and cost conscious contractors as they permit exponential savings in terms of time and construction cost.
  • Consistent quality and accuracy achieved through precise cutting and bending with the help of automatic rebar processing plant Lower material costs by ordering precise quantity required.
  • Less wastage since pre cut bars eliminate wastage caused by on-site cutting of standard length bars.
  • Lower warehousing cost – the Cut n Bend bars can be ordered using a ‘just in time’ method of inventory.
  • Reduced space requirement on-site through elimination of on-site bar cutting and bending.
  • Quicker construction with manual cutting; bending is both unprofessional and slow.
  • Labour dependence and pilferage is eliminated.


  • 100 percent pure steel and High Strength: Higher Safety and Higher Durability.
  • High Ductility: Higher Seismic Resistant.
  • Uniform Rib Pattern: Higher Bond Strength with Cement and Higher Safety and Security.
  • Low Sulphur and low Phosphorous: Higher Longevity on High temperature and Extreme Cold condition.
  • Quality Never Fails: Bond of Trust
  • Comes from the House of TATA: Assurance for Quality, Trust and strength.
  • Stirrups, L-Bend, J-Bend and any other shapes as per customer choice.
  • Schnell Spa (Italy) automatic machine used for high accuracy and quality.

Reininforcement Steel Used in Construction

Cutting & Bending of Reinforcement Steel by manual process

Cutting & Bending of Reinforcement Steel by manual process

Cutting & Bending of Reinforcement Steel by manual process


?Save money, manpower and time in construction of your projects? The concept of Centralized Re- bar processing plant can be compared to the RMC business, where no work is carried out at site, but supplied from a central plant to all the sites.


All the work is done under one shed area 80 meters x 20 meters ? I- Economic Advantage:

  • Output of each operator is more than 8 -10 than the tradition worker
  • Steel wastage can be reduced by 5-6 times to almost 1%
  • Production errors can be practically eliminated


The construction site eliminates the problems related to Raw Material steel purchase & distribution to various sites which require?

  • Risk
  • Space
  • Workers
  • Machines
  • Control of Delivery Times.
  • Organization or workers( housing , sanitation etc.)
  • The construction company is therefore able to assess the real cost concerning to steel processing ( other wise it is an amount difficult to quantify)


  • Specialized machines guarantee a high quality of precision Cutting & Bending angles, which can never be achieved by manual processing
  • Organized processing & delivery of Rebar`s with informatics instructions like Lables ( with installation, delivery notes & assembly instructions ), reports, Statistical data, production & delivery notes for easy recognition & fixing on site.
  • Well organized rebar plants around the world have a moved a step further in supplying assembled structures.


  • Low total cost per ton : Rs. 600 per Ton
  • Low operating cost per Ton, ?Rs. 120 to Rs. 150 per Ton
  • Output of each worker is 10 ? 15 times more.
  • Value addition Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3500 per Ton.
  • Complex shapes & figures can be produced with machines.
  • Added sales & service support to your customer.
  • Reduced scrap as less as 1% to end user.
  • Material can be sent in a smaller lorry.
  • Faster return on investment, Lower B.E.P.12 months to 15 months.
  • Management software makes the business more simple.
  • Management software reduces production errors near 0 %
    Cut and Bend steel can be sent in bundles with detailed informative Labels with barcodes for easy of fixing and reconciliation.
  • In future the service can be extended to supply of meshes, pile cages & readily assembled structures having higher value addition.
  • ?In India Rebar Plants have a capacity of processing only 1% of the annual production of TMT Steel Bars against the annual production of 21million Tons, so the scope for the business is unlimited?

New Facility being set up in Odisha with these machines:






SCHNELL SPA of Italy, are the manufacturers of Reinforcement Steel ( Rebar ) plants for high capacity processing ( cutting and bending ) of rebars, since more than 50 years and SCHNELL is the market leader in the world.

Schnell SPA, Italy is the best company for supply of Rebar plants and this company is best suited to cater to the needs of the Indian customers, as they are very successful in markets similar to India, Schnell has 14 group of Companies around the world.

Schnell Wire Systems S.r.l. , Italy, is an associate company for manufacturing Welded Mesh manufacturing Machines.

Schnell is the only company in this field to have ISO 9001

Schnell has its own software company for total solutions to operate the Rebar plants.

Schnell has more than 3000 rebar plants and more than 1000 stirrup making machines all over the world. Schnell produces more than 20 Stirrup machines every month.

In a short period, Schnell has established and proved its credentials in the Indian market with good Orders and providing good after-sales-service to the customers.

Schnell has very good after sales support in India with ?.

  • Trained Engineers
  • Software Technician
  • Skilled & Trained machine operators
  • Warehouse with all essential Spare parts in Mumbai.


Schnell s.p.a. is the biggest manufacture of Rebar steel processing machines in the world having the following principle advantages

  • Product Range: Schnell has the biggest production range of machines from Small Job site machines to fully integrated Automatic Rebar processing plants, reinforcement assembling machines, Mesh Lines, material handling & loading equipments.
  • Innovation & Patents: The automatic magnetic loader, Pile cage GTM machine, Idea machine assembly lines, Spirex?Schnell has more than 123 patents registered since 1987.
  • Technology advantage: In the Year 1989 was the first company to implement the use of Digital Servo motors, and is the world leader for the successful application of the technology, which is much superior to Hydraulic power pack systems.
  • Machine design & performance: Schnell machines are most user friendly with one of the least power consuming machines in the world with the simplest design for easy maintenance.
  • Schnell Management Software: Schnell is the only machine producer in the world that has its own special software division in Spain with more than 600 installations world wide.
  • Rebar Business Solutions: Schnell designs customized solutions from selection of machinery, layout, & management software.
  • Schnell Group : Schnell has 14 factories around the world, which include 8 locations for machine manufacturing and 4 for spare parts and after sales facilities.
  • After sales in India : Schnell has very good after sales team for India with spare parts available at Mumbai, India office.
  • Market leader: Schnell has more than 70% of Indian Market share, 25 Rebar Plants & Installations, with 4 repeat orders from Larson & Turbo ECC division.
  • Schnell is the only Company in the world, which has received the ISO 9001 certification, proving its leadership and quality.

SCHNELL`S trusted customers in India

  • L&T - ECC (Hyderabad.)
  • L&T - ECC (Chennai.)
  • L&T - ECC (Mumbai)
  • L&T ?ECC (Mangalore)
  • GEAP Steels, (Navi Mumbai)
  • Shree Vaishnov Re Rolling Mills, (Mumbai)
  • ShreeOM Rolling Mills ( Jalna)
  • Shree Ram Infrastructure Co. ( Mumbai)
  • Unity Infrastructure Projects Ltd. ( Navi Mumbai)
  • Shapoorji Pallonji Constructions Ltd. ( Mumbai)
  • Indu Projects Ltd. ( Hyderabad)
  • IJM Projects Ltd. ( Hyderabad)
  • Samrat Corportation, (Hyderabad)
  • GKS Ready Made Steel ( Chennai )
  • Leighton Constructions Ltd. ( Chennai)
  • Rite Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd, (Chennai)
  • Krushi Builders, (Bangalore)
  • Jindal Steels ( Bangalore)
  • Marymatha Construction Company ( Kochi)
  • Green Readymade steel , (Bangalore)

Schnell understands the business of Rebar plants better than others and helps in selection of the right Models suitable for each customer, from its wide range of Models.

Schnell can advice and help the customers in all aspects of rebar processing business and solutions

Schnell is a "solution provider" and not just a supplier.

TATA Tiscon